Management Consulting

Management Consulting

We support and advise/consult your organization in reaching operational excellence based on own hands experience in managing a company through different stages on it’s live cycle

Our Contribution:

Develop a strategy
With the understanding of where a company wants to go/be you can optimize and deploy your resources optimally

Implementation of strategy
In order to be successful it‘s important that a strategy will be implemented as defined. The execution is key and very often a weakness of organizations

Optimize the setup
Based on the adapted corporate strategy, market changes, performance issues as well as benchmark efficiency measures structural changes are needed

Initiate Growth programs
Based on a defined strategy we support growth programs 
- Regional/ global growth – sales setup/ structure - internationalize a business - establish new subsidiaries - Asian initiatives "Go-Asia"
- Enlarge portfolio/ consolidation - new products vs. M&A

Reach/ keep "Operational Excellence"
One of the main challenges is the continues optimization of the operational processes in order to reach sustainable competitiveness. We can support in reviewing and optimizing the processes along the entire operational value chain

Turnaround situation
To turn around a specific situation of a company is one of the most challenging tasks a management team can experience. We can support you with own successful cases and experience 

We also support and advise companies/ individuals professionally online. We communicate via video chat using a tool of your choice (Microsoft Teams, Zomm, or any other tool).