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Personal References

Rolf Unterberger joined as the CEO during a critical period Keymile GmbH was in.
Rolf stabilized the business and moved the company back to a successful path. After 1,5 years the majority stake of Keymile was
successfully sold to a strategic investor.
Working with Rolf was always constructive, target oriented and based on partnership.
His has an engaging management style and the ability to inspire people to go the “extra mile”.
Rolf is very much client focused which resulted in great client relationship and growth.
Peter Schaberger, Partner Riverside

I worked with Rolf for almost 2 years with Siemens PSE. We were both members of the PSE top management team (CEO/CFO). Rolf is a very experienced and professional manager. I was impressed by his sales focus, his leadership and his strong target orientation. He is a very active manager and is working very hard to achive his targets.
Wolfgang Wrumnig, CFO Siemens Diagnostic

Working with Rolf in the Accenture C&HT leadership team from 2009 to 2011 has truly been a privilege for me. Rolf continuously demonstrates exceptional business acumen, in particular in the domain of telco, IT & software industry and impresses with a clear & crisp strategic direction setting. While Rolf is focused, results-oriented, pragmatic and very engaging in his management style, he has the wonderful ability to inspire people, build momentum in an organization and thus attract top talent. Clients have always been full of compliments about his program leadership and valuable perspectives.
Prof. Dr. Andreas Pfeifer, Former Managing Director & Managing Partner Accenture

Rolf is a leader beyond his official capacity as the Board Member and Director for Communications Division at Siemens Indonesia. He is forceful and willing to undertake what's necessary to come to tough decisions. At the same time, he will seek the advice of those who know the topics best and support his direct reports in an objective way. Able to bring out the best in people - be they customer, supplier, partner or staff - he has a solid command of the telecommunications industry as well as the personality to succeed in a continuously developing environment. I was proud having worked within his division. His professionalism is exemplary.
Mario Vau, Director AngloINFO Jakarta, The Global Expat Network

Rolf and I met more than 25 years ago when starting our careers at Siemens. Thus it is a pleasure for me to provide reference for him. Rolf is a person that sticks out through results-oriented planning and acting and pragmatic implementation, always with the target in mind. He has built up over the course of his career a broad know-how and skill-set in various high-tech sectors of SW, IT, telecom and systems technologies; that in midst of an international business environment. Leading a team of Asian employees is equally a part of his skills as working and consulting with management boards or supervisory boards. Rolf is fast in analyzing the problems and the situation on hand and delivers solutions based on his broad international experience as well as his agile thinking and far-reaching views. His appearance is self- confident, his way of communicating convincing. Rolf engages with intense energy for the success of the matter at hand, be it professional or private.
One can rely on him at any time. It would be a great pleasure for me to cooperate with him again in the future should the possibility present itself.
Norbert Muhrer, CEO Gemalto M2M

I have known Rolf for 15 years now and was lucky to work twice in his team. He is an inspiring leader, a strategic thinker and a forceful implementer. Working with Rolf is motivating at any time since he shares with you his beliefs and goals. He has a very bright mind and all his activities are based on clear strategies, which he communicates and explains to his partners and colleagues. After getting the commitment from all involved he forcefully implements his strategy, success guaranteed. I sincerely hope that I will have the chance to work again with Rolf
Wilfried Schrupp, Managing Director Frequentis Singapore

I worked for Rolf at Siemens Indonesia. He was definitely one of the best Directors and General Managers the company ever had. Noteworthy is his speed, straightforwardness and drive to achieve set targets.
Markus Strohmeier, CEO Siemens Oman

Having the privilege of working with Rolf a majority of my professional life I can affirm that he impersonates a highly focused, hard working and target oriented achiever who also carries a highly acclaimed management and leadership capacity with his team, peers and superiors. Rolf is a role model for direct and open communication, motivation, objectiveness, fairness and infecting enthusiasms and drive, both in- and outside the office. It is certainly no exaggeration to say that it is always a pleasure to work with Rolf professionally and personally. Certainly a winner in all aspects of life.
Klaus Kröpfl, Vice President Customer Service Asia, Middle East & Africa Corient Networks

Rolf is a very experienced executive with an exceptional business track record. I always enjoy working with Rolf due to his innovative, proactive and decisive approach. He is a inspiring people leader and has significant global experience in several high tech sectors. I can highly recommend Rolf and look forward to our future interactions.
Dieter Klein, Managing Director, Apo Ventures

I was working closely with Rolf at Accenture when he was building the Accenture Mobility Strategy, Consulting and Embedded SW Services. Rolf is a professional business leader who inspires and motivates people well. His teams are ready for an extra mile to achieve business objectives and to satisfy customers. As a person Rolf is appearing very approachable, he gives great access to others, and he is listening well. Rolf treats everybody equal to himself and working with him is easy, open and very comfortable. Rolf is very good dealing with organizational complexity. He is always able to maintain great relationships to peer group although there could be conflicting objectives. Rolf contributes to his business results in person. His leadership style enables the success of his leadership teams and his business units to achieve set goals. When needed Rolf is hands on driving solutions and ensuring that teams do get all his help to become successful. I am ready to work with Rolf again someday.
Petri Niiranen, Business Development Executive Accenture R&D Services

It was a pleasure negotiating a contract with Rolf. His professionalism enabled us to get an agreement in place with clear win-win for both parties (Siemens PSE and Nokia).
Olli Nastamo, Senior Vice President - Operational Excellence Outotec

I worked in Siemens PSE when Rolf was CEO there. He made a great reorganisation with a new sales oriented structure. I liked his way of high value consulting approach. He has a very international and open minded social thinking and knows many key people in the IT- and SW-industry.
Brunhold Loidl, CEO SP